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      In the normal circumstances, there will be two sets of end - terminal examinations, once after the initial 16 to 24 weeks from the date one has logged in, and again one can appear at the final term Diploma examinations after about a year. Assuming that the course is launched in March, 2004, beginning from October, 2004, the first terminal online examination will take place during the 3rd week of every month. However, in order to complete the course early, one must first log-in for a total number of specified hours, and make a request for an early examination. In the first batch, even for such early birds, the first set of examinations will be scheduled only from August, 2004 onwards.

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      During the examination week (3rd week of every month), the test-site will be activated. One has the option of taking the four tests by spacing them in any whichever way one likes. That is, all the four final tests can be taken on any day during this week, or can be staggered on different days during the same week, or taken at different intervals.

      Further, one can get two additional chances for improvement tests apart from one’s main test.While computing the final score, the best of three will be taken.

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      A candidate has no choice for lower achievement levels for ILA-BA-D001, where one has to take 3 Credits. In comparison, one could opt for a lower level of word-power or control over WFR (Word Formation Rules) by taking a minimum 2 Credits out of 3 for ILA-BA-D002. For the ILA-BA-D003, one could opt to take 3 Credits or 4. Finally, for the fourth course – which will offer three levels of Anthology (with increasing degree of difficulty), one could make a choice to go for at least 1 Credit if one opts for only 'Level 0' anthology (or more, up to 4 if one opts for all three levels) for ILA-BA-D004.Thus, out of a maximum of 14 Credits, one needs to take and clear a minimum of 9 Credits for earning a diploma by passing through the final examinations. Depending upon the level of learning (A to D) as declared by the candidate in his/her registration form, he/she will be advised on the choice of credits whenever an option is available.

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      The end-terminal online test which will test both “Productive” and “Receptive” skills. The software will be enabled to check the receptive part instantly – as in the On-line TOEFL or similar tests, and after completing each test, one would get the scores on the counter. But the CIIL-NSOU faculty will evaluate productive part of this test manually, once this part is submitted by the candidate. They would evaluate as well as send comments by post/ e-mail attachments.

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          1. Each course will have a set of 10 assignments, besides the final end-terminal examination. You have already been introduced to the nature and particulars of end-terminal examinations, (see Tests). If you want to continue reading about the nature of assignments, read on.

           2. The relative weight between Assignments and Tests is 40:60. All assignments taken together will form 40% of your score for that course. While one can take the final examinations more than once, until one thinks one has done reasonably well (or until ones chances last), these assignments are not possible to reappear in. That is, the score out of this component of 40% will continue in the continuous and final records, no matter how many times one takes the improvement examinations. That shows the importance of attempting these assignments carefully, and within a specified time.

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          3. The assignments will not come together. They will be spaced out. However each assignment will have a dead-line after which submission window will be automatically closed.

          4. Further, at the beginning of the term, assignments pertaining to only one course will have to be done. As one progresses through weeks, a time will come when there may be two assignments for two different courses that one will have to do. After a short period of overlap, all assignments for the first course will have been given out and collected back, and one will again be left with assignments of only the other paper to be attempted.

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          5. The first time registrants will get a breathing period of two weeks before the first assignment becomes due. It is in the third week that they will get an assignment.

          6. Out of 10 assignments, one has to complete submission of at least six to be able to be considered for the full 40% score; or else, one will be evaluated out of 32% (See Credit Systems & Grades).

          7. Out of these 10 assignments, 4 best scores will be considered for final assessment of the candidate’s performance all through.

          8. Evaluation of each assignment on script lessons will be out of a total 40 marks. Out of 40, 32 marks will be based on the academic performance of the learner in the best 4 assignments (4 assignments x 8 marks each = 32 marks). Distribution of the remaining 8 marks will be as follows—

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                    a. Total 2 marks for the timely submission of 4 assignments; i.e. out of 10, 4 assignments will have to be submitted in time. For the timely submission of each one of these 4 assignments, one will get 0.5 marks ie.0.5 X 4 = 2.

                    b. Total 2 marks for the number of assignments attempted. One has to attempt at least 6 assignments. If one attempts more than 6 assignments he/she will get 0.5 marks for each additional assignment.

                    c. Total 2 marks for hand writing. Each person, whoever will take up this course will be asked to write down some sample paragraphs (which will be sent to them either by e-mail or by post) in their own handwriting. Total 2 marks will be allotted for this.

                    d. Total 2 marks for any intelligent or creative suggestion one makes as a part of course-evaluation or as a feedback at the end of any course.

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