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Course No.
ILA-BA-D001: Script & Pronunciation
ILA-BA-D002: Lexis & Word Formation
ILA-BA-D003: Syntax & Semantics (Word order & Meaning)
ILA-BA-D004: Reading & Comprehension

      In ILA-BA-D001: Script & Pronunciation course where one can have an access to all 27 script lessons with interactive exercises (6 to 8 in each lesson). These will be equivalent to 30-35 instructional hours including tutorials in face-to-face teaching.

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      ILA-BA-D002: Lexis & Word Formation course provides appropriate lessons as well as Bangla Active Dictionary tool. Using this tool a user can access our database at any point of time. Learning of words is built into D001 as well as D003 courses, and there are a few exercises or lessons on teaching/increasing word power or introduction to basic verbal and pronominal formations and other word formation patterns. In D003, pronominal and verbal frames will be once again re-emphasized. In addition, there will be lessons on most commonly used Bangla words.

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      ILA-BA-D003: Syntax & Semantics (Word order & Meaning): Teaching/learning points as well as testing tools will be available as parts of 20-odd structural lessons with numerous interactive exercises.

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      ILA-BA-D004: Reading & Comprehension: Interesting texts as well as tools will be available in the Bangla anthology section with four different levels.

           As one registers, at the initial stage, only ILA-BA-D001 plus the active dictionary will be visible and ILA-BA-D002 becomes available only after one has spent at least 8 weeks with D001. Other courses become available with similar spacing of time so as to avoid confusion and approach the teaching/ learning of the courses in a programmed manner.

           Once the registration formalities are complete, the main secured teaching site ( will be accessible to the candidate by typing out User ID (i.e. registration number) and password - allotted or chosen.

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